Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hoppy Blonde

Today I'm checking out New Belgium's Hoppy Blonde. The story sets your expectations: "Jumping with Mosaic hops and a malty backbone toe help soften the landing, HOPPY BLONDE is a full flavored free-fall that's perfect for celebrating spring." The story also explains the two parachuters on the label. 5.7% alcohol. Best By 10JUL16

Fruit and citrus forward, full of tangerines, lemons and tart apples. Definitely hoppy! Citrus, lemony sharpness and tartness. Grassy, and the the wild card is the basket of flower petals in your mouth. A hint of sweet malty backbone exists, but this beer stays bitter throughout.

Astringent and dry at the finish with more lingering flowers left on the palate. I definitely wanted something sweet to grab hold of and less astringency. And that flowery aspect built to an annoyance. Nope!

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