Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Adroit Theory: DARKO signed beer labels

Tell me those beer labels aren't fucking rad! (or whatever word you kids use these days). You remember the Adroit Theory label contest I did last year with designer Shawn Johnson, right? Of course you do.

Well when I saw the brewery post the awesome picture below using two bottles to capture the full label, I noticed they were a decidedly different style than what Shawn had done. Yep, these labels were done by "DARKO".

I only have a few of each, but here's how you win them. First really good answer wins a set of each. Subsequent correct answers win one of the labels until I don't have more to give away. Basically, I'm judge and jury, but I want you to help me figure out who DARKO is, what art he's done, where he lives on social media, a website, etc.

I have a few clues I might drop if this takes too long, but I don't even know all the answers, so be sure to provide some factual basis for your answers as I'll check with the brewery to validate them. Contest ends when it ends. I'll post all winning answers in the comments. Email me answers DailyBeerReview@yahoo.com

5/18 Update: OK I realize I've pretty much given you nothing to work with so far, LOL. Clue #1. Yes, the artwork is pretty "dark" but this line from Wikipedia is your clue. "Darko (Serbian Cyrillic: Дарко) is a common Slavic masculine given name." Also, I'm not 100% positive but I'm pretty sure that DARKO's signature is written with the Cyrillic alphabet as shown in your clue!

5/19 Update: 3 or 4 great but incorrect guesses so far so... Clue #2. DARKO has illustrated the covers of numerous books, including at least two series.

5/22 Update: Winners/comments are below, but here are some facts about "DARKO"

1. DARKO should probably be posting some of this beer label work online. It kicks ass and I'm sure there are many others that would love to hire him. Maybe he's just independently wealthy. For this comment, it's less "fact" and more opinion, LOL. But lack of posting is why no one could solve the puzzle initially.

2. DARKO is DARKO TOMIC and these are the best links I can find about him. The one not in English shows his picture and some other info not seen other places. But for sure check out his art and maybe even drop him an email!

Main page the brewery supplied to identify the artist: http://www.darkotomic.daportfolio.com/about/

Here's an interview done by one of the authors that used DARKO to illustrate his series of books: http://jamesawest.blogspot.com/2014/03/spotlight-on-art-darko-tomic.html

Bio, sketchbook, contact: http://paganus.weebly.com/

Bio with pic, use Chrome and it will translate that for you: http://kile.weebly.com/biografija.html


Beer Drinker Rob said...

The original post and first clue yielded no winners. However, Clue #2 got one grand prize winner and a handful of others that I'm sending labels to. Thanks for playing along. A sample of replies will be posted below.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Here's your big winner Jacob D.

Hey Rob,

Ive been a craft beer enthusiast for going on three years and have followed your blog basically for the same time! I rarely enter contests but when I saw these labels I couldnt help myself!
What DARKO has done for these Adroit Theory bottles is fantastic. The illustrations fuse many of the things I love. He has taken great beer and given it a beautiful wrapping of dark fantasy with hints of metal (I am a music hound as well).
Sooooo when I saw that I could potentially have a full set that were even signed by the illustrator I jumped on the case. I am anything but internet savvy, hence me not cracking the case until the second clue, but I was filled with joy when I found DARKO Tomic's web site. Once I saw his other work there was no denying this was the guy.
After a quick hop over to Goodreads and confirming his illustrations marked the cover of the 'Heirs of the Fallen' series I was doubly positive this was Adroit Theory's wizard!

Thanks so much for this opportunity!
Jacob D.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Sascha K. also answered correctly. In addition, Sascha also answered the questions from a prior Adroit Theory contest with artist Shawn Johnson, so I'm currently looking for some of those labels to send.

Hey Rob,

thanks for the new clue. I think I got it now.
Is the guy called Darko Tomic?
(here's a link to some of his work: www.darkotomic.daportfolio.com)
He's done book covers etc and his work is awesome.

Hope I was right this time.
And you got me excited when you said that you still had some old labels lying around?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

all the best,

Original wrong DARKO answer, with great Shawn answers...

1. What is you favorite Adroit-Theory beer name? Why?
My favorite one would be the first I can get my hands on. I wasn't able to find one so far.... Gr%#*&%$%!

2. Which Adroit-Theory beer label would make the best tattoo? Where should it go? Why?
Tenebris Barleywine. As a handy compatibility test for dates.
You can ask any date to interpret the Rorschach image and ask her what she sees.
If the answer is anything but: the label of a great beer, then walk away!

3. My 12 year old kid broke his wrist. Tell me what you think of the idea to stick the God Is An American label on his cast for the next month, covering the nonsense classmate signatures. Do you think the school will say anything?
Well, technically God (Ninkasi, the god of beer) was Sumerian. So immigrant American in that case? It's in the interest of any school to promote tolerance towards immigrants. It's a go!

4. Name the next Adroit-Theory beer (this is only theoretical--I don't have input in that process) What type of beer is it and explain the name if necessary.
Raven IPA. (would make great label art). It's an IPA with rye. Rye somehow makes me think of ravens.

5. More about Darko....
Is this the guy? https://www.instagram.com/diplomirani_ludak/
His name is Darko and his style seems similar... And he loves beer.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

There are a few others too that I'm still contacting. The End!