Friday, May 27, 2016

Beer Camp 2016 Family Values Imperial Brown Ale

I posted a review of one of my least favorite beers from this year's Sierra Nevada Beer Camp yesterday. I'm following that up with Family Values Imperial Brown Ale, one of my favorites of the series. 8.5% alcohol. PkGD 04/05/16

This beer featured "cooperation and kinship" ingredients from each of the Midwest brewers' states: MN wild rice, IN honey, MO oats, MI hops, and IL cocoa nibs. Oh, and NON-midwest Sierra Nevada estate malt. Brewers included August Schell, Dark Horse, Half Acre, Perennial Artisan Ales and Sun King.

Nice nuttiness and a rich chocolate malty aroma. Pretty interesting brown ale, lots of fun flavors and nuances. Nutty, roasty start, never harsh. Rather, a great honey sweet touch and some milky flavors come next, most excellent.

That nutty flavor comes with a little char and hints of chocolate. Great rich body. Sweet yet nicely hoppy and balanced. The best from this pack and I like the concept behind the beer too! Yum!

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