Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hop Stimulator Double IPA

Today I'm checking out Hop Stimulator Double IPA, Funky Buddha's most recent bottled option. The label shows what happens when one of the brewers takes a sip of the beer--he is transformed in several stages to a huge hop monster, not unlike the Incredible Hulk when he got angry. 9.5% alcohol.

Orange and tropical fruity, juicy, sweet aroma. Very sweet and juicy tropical fruity flavors also start. Chewy body. Pretty delicious. Plenty of piney bitterness answers the initial sweetness, also lingering long after each sip. Resin builds as well. You also will not miss the semi-alcy finish, which I'd have preferred more hidden. Anyway, repeat the above steps many times as the beer has some great flavors!

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