Thursday, June 9, 2016

Biere de Provence Saison

Saw a new Dogfish beer today: Biere de Provence Saison, brewed with Lavender, Marjoram and Bay Leaves. The label has an illustration that shows off a fabulous garden of those herbs and flowers. The story to the side lets you know those fields in Provence are the inspiration for the beer. 8.3% alcohol.

Flowery, herbal, faintly fruity aroma. Smells like a store at the mall! Herbal flavors are big but tough to pinpoint individually. Flowery for sure, lots of lavender. Also, nicely fruity with apples and pears and light peach. Subtle honey, nice body.

Belgian yeast definitely shows, spicy, lightly peppery. While the full alcohol is mostly hidden, you will notice a little kick in the finish, enhancing the herbal and spiciness to the forefront.

Definitely drinking a bouquet by the end. Not in love but uber-interesting, unique, and I for sure got what was promised!

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