Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Longshot 2015 Nanzer's Belgian Golden Ale

Tonight I'm checking out Nanzer's Belgian Golden Ale, a Longshot American Homebrew Competition 2015 winner brewed by Kevin Nanzer. His homebrew caricature on the label has him spooning something into a growler; he's also all blinged out, sporting NANZ on his fingers. 9.1% alcohol. 18 IBU,

Fruity and spicy aroma. Flavors are the same, but way more pronounced. Apples, pears, oranges give a fruity sweetness at that beginning with a touch of honey as well. Rich body but not too sweet, just "comfy sweet."

You won't miss the Belgian yeast character which comes along with some spicy peppers and cloves. Juicy, a hint of citrus bitterness. Oh, and the alcohol, a little whack enhancing the spiciness.

Very good, seems like it's missing some nuances and elevated flavors, but a definite winner!

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