Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lucky 13

I grabbed a bunch of beers today at the liquor store. Arriving home, my nosy neighbor was checking out my stash and asking a bunch of questions. I sent him on his way with bottles of Festina Peche, Limbo IPA, All Day IPA (yeah, a can), and today's review, Lagunitas Lucky 13, A MONDO LARGE RED ALE! I'm pretty sure he's going to wish he were drinking Coors Light! But hopefully he won't come around so often! LOL!

Some of you that have known me for a long time might get a kick out of this original review of this beer from 6.5 years ago! What's changed? My palate, Lucky 13 comes in 12 oz bottles now, and maybe Lagunitas brews beer better now than in 2009!?!

I think the label is identical, same hot chick in a horseshoe, fitted to a smaller bottle. "We brewed this deeply hued ale in celebration of our first profitable business year in 2006. Beer is still a bronze-age human endeavor and we feel honored to have the chance to leave our footprints on its winding path into history while leaving our ideas on adventure on your buds. Cheers!" 8.8% alcohol.

Nice aroma full or caramel sweetness and a touch of hops. Rich caramel, honey, brown sugar start. Super malty. An excellent hoppy and spicy answer comes next. Tangerine citrus, tangy and herbal flavors.

Sticky big body. Alcohol dangerously hidden. Definitely has that "Lagunitas taste." Honestly, I'm not sure where the 55 IBU are hidden in the beer and think Lucky 13 could have used much more of a bitter challenge to the sweet flavors. Regardless, a definite winner despite the sweetness!

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