Saturday, June 11, 2016

Shot Down Chocolate Stout

Shot Down Chocolate Stout? Obviously the hottie blonde eating chocolate on the can label is the one shooting you down! To the side, Fort Collins Brewery lets you know to expect a "lush dark beer... [with] a fearless flavor profile... Never be afraid to get shot down." Pairs well with: Pork Mole, Cinnamon Coffee Cake. 5.8% alcohol.

Nice choco-caramel aroma. Creamy with lots of chocolate flavors to start, but it's immediately apparent that this beer is super flat. Good coffee flavors with some roast, yet kind of thin. Sweet with a hoppy balance.

Was OK. Body was weak and the flatness was a big minus. NOT lush, NOT fearless and NOT rich by any definition of any of those words! Pass for many other better options.

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