Monday, July 18, 2016

Coronado 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA

To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Coronado Brewing brewed a "massively floral Imperial IPA." I am drinking a bomber of this 10.0% alcohol beer though I did see it available in 12-oz 4 packs. A little story on the bottle will set your expectations. Mine are very high!

Nice fruity sweet aroma, orange and tropical. Super floral flavors, as advertised. Fruity orange, plenty of citrus. Rich body. Spicy.

The alcohol is not shy but really brings out some awesome nuances: marmalade, honey, pineapple. I'm not sure if it's weird but this beer has lots of characteristics/nuances of Grand Marnier. Alcohol, orange, good body, spiciness... made me go buy another bottle of Grand Marnier, and yep!

Nice lingering flavors. Here's to another 20 years. This is yum!

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