Friday, July 1, 2016

Mocha IPA

Stone Mocha IPA? Yeah, I definitely need to check this out! I think the story on the back of the bottle titled "An Inexplicably Delicious Creation" will satisfy your curiosity about this "Style-Defying DIPA with Cacao and Coffee." 9% alcohol. Bottled on 06/02/16

Fruity, juicy, tropical aroma, everything IPA. Tough to pull any coffee or chocolate from the aroma without actually inhaling it. Great juicy and fruity, tropical sweet flavors. Spicy, nice citrus orange bitterness.

Then there's a clear departure from IPA world. Rich decadent chocolate sneaks in with a mug of Heavenly joe! And yeah, amazingly these flavors play off the IPA fruitiness crazy good. Hella unique and definitely a must try!

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