Thursday, July 7, 2016

Samuel Adams Nitro IPA

So that was the progression of a really cool cascade from my (15 oz) pounder can of Samuel Adams Nitro IPA. Maybe they did 15 oz because of the widget? Anyway, I probably would have tried this sooner if my local liquor store made it obvious I could try singles of it rather than buy a sealed box. No cans in the singles section, so I finally asked the store manager and he said sure!

Uh oh! Enjoy by May, 2016. I drank it in June but still! And I guarantee those same boxes are still on the shelves today. 7.5% alcohol.

Fruity, citrus, hoppy aroma. Super creamy texture. Nice balance of caramel malt and lots of hoppy orange citrus. A little spicy too.

Has that "Sam Adams" flavor, herbal sweetness that lingers into the aftertaste. Lacing ROCKS if that's your giddyup. Would've like a little sharper, crisper, bitter, but nice and definitely interesting.

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Eden said...

That would go well with citrus tarts and bacon.