Friday, August 19, 2016

Sun Block Summer IPA

While on vacation in Ocean City, NJ, I picked up a sixer of Captain Lawrence Brewings Sun Block Summer IPA. And yeah, OC is still dry; got this at Circle Liquor in Somers Point (which is now more like Intersection Liquor!) According to the bottle, this is a "new and improved Sun Block [with] a little more oomph." Nice label--it's so hot, the sun is sweating profusely. But the old man sipping a giant mug of Sun Block is just fine. Dry-hopped with Sorachi Ace hops. 5.8% alcohol. 45 IBU.

Sweet, fruity aroma with lots of orange and tangerine citrus, maybe a touch of yeast. Sweet and bitter contrast from the start. Nicely sweet fruit, tropical and citrus meets a nice fresh and spicy hoppy bitterness. Nice wheaty tang. Very flavorful. Check it out.

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