Friday, September 30, 2016

Double Brown Throwdown Imperial Brown Ale

Today I'm trying out Rogue's Double Brown Throwdown Imperial Brown Ale. That link (at least today) won't get you shit about this beer: ALL BEERS doesn't include anything about this one, so I guess they are brewing and packaging and delivering ahead of what they tell their marketing and web teams.

On the label, a dude in a purple shirt with his fist in the air which reminded me of those idiot Philadelphia Eagles players. Protesting social inequality by dissing your country? Fuck that! And Kaepernick is just a dick! Not saying this label has anything to do with that, just same pose.

Anyway, zero head, choco aroma. Flavors start with some rich chocolate and cocoa with noticeable butterscotch. You know what else is noticeable? The alcohol. And a little burn.

Dark fruit, pruney, along with some cola. Pretty flat. Raisiny cola flavors linger. Not A Fan!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Genesee Brew House Altbier

Today I'm checking out Genesee Brew House Altbier. This is a Dusseldorf-Style beer brewed by Brewmaster Dean Jones in Rochester, NY, as part of this pilot batch system. Alt means "Old" as in style, not shelf life. 5.5% alcohol.

Malty, herbal and a tiny bit nutty aroma, pretty subtle. Exactly the same flavors, malty with some herbal tea. But after an initial sweet flavor, some spicy bitterness creeps in at the end of each sip and lingers into the finish.

Smooth, simple, dare I say delicate? Liked the flavorful simplicity.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Independent Pilsner

Today I'm checking out Coppertail Brewing's Independent Pilsner. This beer was released a few months ago in Coppertail's Tampa tap room with a little flair. Patrons on one particular weekend could bring in an unopened "Industrial" bottle of beer and exchange it for this beer.

Coppertail President Kent Bailey stated, "It's all about getting those industrial beers out of people's hands and off the streets so they won't harm any more taste buds!" The bottle label shows off a lot of "America" type slogans and thumbnail art, and suggests you pair this beer with hot dogs and apple pie, duh!

Sweet grain, nice aroma. Terrific flavors! Sweet grain meets hoppy bitterness. Grassy, nice little sharp digs at the palate. There is a background tanginess. Pretty simple, but flavorful and just right. I Independently put away a sixer! Check it out!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Grovetoberfest 2016

Grovetoberfest 2016 is rapidly approaching! Just three weeks until the annual festival makes its debut in a more accessible and bigger location: Key Biscayne's Miami Marine Stadium.

While my personal favorite stops are the local Florida breweries, I definitely won't resist some of the special stuff that Chief Sample Taster Tony Albelo has promised! Estoteric, Unique, Elite! Oh My! Blackberry Farms, Civil Society, Mikkeller, Prairie? Sure, sign me up!

As usual, I plan on documenting the awesome beer brands people represent on the shirts they wear. Here are last year's entries, which were a little tame compared to other years, even "Meh" as you see in the last shirt! LOL.

CONTEST: Actually, how about you show me now what you plan to wear to Grovetoberfest 2016? Email me your t-shirt modeling photo, I will publish it in this post and you will be entered to win two general admission tickets to the festival.

The rules... If I don't get your email, sorry. "Tasteful" pictures required--they don't need to be PG but I can't publish everything; and I define tasteful. Pictures must be submitted by Friday 9/30/16 at midnight and I'll randomly pick a winner the next day. Any other rules I need to make, don't worry, I'll do it along the way.

Here is some info. Be sure to check out their website too for any updates and a lot of other cool information about some of the festival activities, besides drinking beer. They include live bands, games, food, and HOW TO GET HOME SAFELY! Don't be a Dick and drive home drunk! And I couldn't resist posting the list of participating breweries and distributors below. That list is MONEY and still growing!

WHEN: Saturday Oct. 15 from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: Miami Marine Stadium, 3501 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

TICKET INFO: For ticket information, visit or call (305) 461-2700.
$40 General Admission online and $45 at the gate
$70 Beer Socialite Package – Includes early entrance at 3:00 p.m., commemorative glass and souvenir tote
$90 VIP – This ticket offers early admittance at 2:30 p.m., access to the VIP Lounge, complimentary food, a commemorative beer glass and special selection of high-end beer available only inside the lounge

Participating Breweries