Friday, September 30, 2016

Double Brown Throwdown Imperial Brown Ale

Today I'm trying out Rogue's Double Brown Throwdown Imperial Brown Ale. That link (at least today) won't get you shit about this beer: ALL BEERS doesn't include anything about this one, so I guess they are brewing and packaging and delivering ahead of what they tell their marketing and web teams.

On the label, a dude in a purple shirt with his fist in the air which reminded me of those idiot Philadelphia Eagles players. Protesting social inequality by dissing your country? Fuck that! And Kaepernick is just a dick! Not saying this label has anything to do with that, just same pose.

Anyway, zero head, choco aroma. Flavors start with some rich chocolate and cocoa with noticeable butterscotch. You know what else is noticeable? The alcohol. And a little burn.

Dark fruit, pruney, along with some cola. Pretty flat. Raisiny cola flavors linger. Not A Fan!

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