Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hi-10 Mango Habanero DIPA

Grabbed a can of Terrapin's Hi-10 Mango Habanero DIPA today. This is Side Project 27 and comes with a story and super tropical beach/waves/mango trees can art to set you expectations. After all, "It takes two to Mango." 9.3% alcohol. 110 IBU

Honey and mango aroma, sweet. Sweet mango first, very juicy with some honey sweetness too. Habaneros come second with a light citrus. Light heat at the start but that definitely intensifies though never going overboard. I liked the addition.

However, I would have never guessed DIPA. This is sweet and juicy and boozy and fruity like a Belgian Tripel. Those 110 IBU I saw on the website were swallowed like, um, a car in a Florida sinkhole (get your mind out of the gutter).

Habanero heat is great, alcohol kick noticeable but dangerous. Too sweet and lacking promised hoppy balance. Like the flavors and heat but not the sweetness. Might buy another can and mix it with Sierra Nevada Torpedo to see what happens. I am a trained scientist, after all!

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