Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Beer Run IPA

Ninkasi Beer Run IPA is one of those Total Wine Brewery Direct Beers (in Florida). I didn't even see this beer when they must have first imported it from Eugene. I bought the others but not this one...

...until I saw it on a value last-chance display for $3.99 then $1.99 per bomber. So I bought several, multiple trips, each time with register issues because of the bar code, but each time with the expectation of a (hopefully) awesome IPA.

As you can see from the pictures, Beer Run IPA made my Hurricane Shutter Series (Matthew), at least the bottle I used for the review. The label shows a mountain running trail, hardcore with bleachers at the start and finish. Speaking of hardcore running, I really need to figure out where/when/how to train for the Beer Mile. It's frowned upon in my community to carry some beers and chug them every quarter mile!

Anyway, this bomber is 7.3% alcohol. 80 IBU. I'm game for anyone that wants to set up the Beer Run IPA Bomber Mile! Changing the definition of "Beer Run" for sure!

Pleasant aroma, citrus but not that big. Citrus grapefruit flavors come first, big and full of pithy sharp bitterness. A little background orange sweetness balances things out, a tiny bit. Very juicy throughout with a dryer finish.

I personally loved this beer. It's pretty simple but has an aggressive bitterness, so probably not a beer for an IPA beginner or hater. The bitterness does loosen up with some warmth but still... Very well done. Yum!

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