Monday, October 24, 2016

Euphoria Pale Ale

Today I'm checking out Ska Brewing Euphoria Pale Ale, "the beer of choice for epic powder days!" Hmmm, what is Ska's winter seasonal doing in Miami? Great question! In this case, the brewery sent me a sample. HOWEVER, I just got an email from Total Wine that says Euphoria and a handful of other Ska beers are available for a limited time in their Brewery Direct program! So if you like what you read, this distribution will come and go so check it out.

The can shows a dancing skeleton in front of some mountains, presumably the Mighty San Juans mentioned on the can. In addition to the normal 4 beer ingredients, Ska added the LOVE adjunct, LOL. Around the rim of the can: DAFFY-HIBERNATE-CURL-RECYCLE-SKIN UP FATTY-LUTZ-SKELETON-RECYCLE-ICE FISH-CHECK-RECYCLE. 6.2% alcohol.

Nice bright citrus aroma jumps out at you, with some bready and sweet herbal in the background. Sweet orange flavors come first. Doughy, toasted bread, herbal, light sourness come next.

A nice orange and grapefruit citrus answer follows with plenty of flavor and bitterness. Softly spicy as well. Well balanced with some light alcohol and dryness at the finish. I liked it!

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