Monday, October 31, 2016

Green Bench India Pale Ale

Remember that visit to Tampa a few months back? And the diversion to St. Petersburg, "The City of Green Benches?" Well, Green Bench now has a few beers distributed to the Miami area, and today I'm checking out their "benchmark" beer Green Bench India Pale Ale.

Nice story on the can lets you know about the brewery and beer name and sets expectations. 6.8% alcohol. 68 IBU. Nice use of space on their label.

Pine aroma with tangerines and citrus and just a hint of peach. Citrus orange and grapefruit flavors come first with some resinous pine on their heels. Terrific bitterness.

There is a soft fruity backdrop, lightly sweet. Dry at the finish with some lingering bitterness and just a hint of alcohol. Very nice! Check it out. And check out the brewery too!

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