Friday, October 21, 2016

LocAle Local Ale

Today I'm checking out Saltwater Brewery's LocAle Local Ale, their third canned beer. Coincidentally, I also just received a press release announcing Saltwater's new Head of Brewing Justin Rick, a former senior brewer with Brooklyn Brewery among other top craft breweries. I think that's a big score for the brewery!

LocAle is a 3.7% alcohol Golden Ale, a part of their Coastal Series. The can has nice artwork as usual, showing a beach hut and crashing waves in an early morning sunrise scene. Pair with burgers and crabs. Canned on 09/21/16.

Honey, grainy, nicely sweet aroma. Similar flavors, sweet grain and bread with a hint of honey. A hoppy answer follows with some light apple flavor. Simple, flavorful, tasty. Good body for such a low-alcohol session beer. Could easily have a few for breakfast and throughout the day!

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