Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sapporo Black

Stalwart Japanese Sapporo Brewing had their Ontario, Canada brewery send me a bomber "cool" can of their Sapporo Black recently. The can kicks ass! This beer is "A perfectly balanced blend of roasted dark malts with refined hop bitterness. This is one bold lager with an uncommonly smooth finish." 5.0% alcohol, 152 Calories per 12 ounces (279 if you drink this can), but hey, no fat!

Chocolate and coffee aroma, nice roasted maltiness in the nose. Sweet chocolate flavors to start with enough roast to instantly balance that. Creamy, silky smooth, maybe a hint of coffee too.

Very simple and unexciting. On the (not quite) flat side. Not wow and not bad. Will have plenty of fans, especially those that say they "don't like dark beers."

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