Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sun King Oktoberfest Lager

Today I'm checking out a pounder can Sun King Oktoberfest Lager. Sun King brews its beers in Indianapolis, and I'm not sure if their distribution even takes them out of Indiana or not. But the brewery asked me if I'd like to check out a few of their core beers alongside this seasonal. Um, duh!

I've had a few Sun King beers before from a trade or two years ago, not that fresh in my mind. As usual, the beers are packaged in Pint Cans that are full of very cool "label" art. This particular can is very festive, sporting a blue and white checkerboard with some Fall-themed additions. 6.25% alcohol. 23 IBU. Canned 18AUG16

Malty, light caramel aroma with a touch of earthy spicy hops. Nicely sweet malty flavors in the beginning. Toasted grain, light caramel, faint nuttiness. There is a hoppy answer--grassy, flowery, a little spicy.

Crisp and balanced, good body. Very nicely done.

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