Saturday, October 22, 2016


Tuberfest, a hopped-up Antiquious Achtuberfest Lager, is part of Lagunitas' 2016 One-Hitter Series. Thanks to that bitch Hurricane Matthew, the beer became part of my Hurricane Shutter Series.

The story on the label says, "During the Dark Age Reign of Sir Loin of Boef, Germanic warlords imported Irish slaves to work their potato plantations. The Irishmen celebrated the harvest with a unique fermented potato beer from which rose the cry 'Ach..! Tuberfest...!'" 7.5% alcohol.

Interesting and strange hoppy, grainy aroma. Quite hoppy flavors with that unmistakable Lagunitas herbalness. Earthy, generic maltiness, bready, doughy, perhaps some wood. Honestly, the flavor combination was kind of weird and more of a mash-up than anything. NOT in love! I'd find something else in the Lagunitas Aisle instead!

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