Thursday, November 10, 2016

Heavy Seas Pounder Pils

A bomber can of Heavy Seas Pounder Pils from Clipper City Brewing in Baltimore caught my eye today at the liquor store. I thought it was a Halloween beer with the skulls, but nope, just the normal pirate stuff this brewery does. A little story on the side explains that "Six Pounders" is both the name of naval cannons and a sixer of these cans! 5.0% alcohol. 38 IBU.

Toasted grain, lemon, floral aroma. Similar flavors, grassy, lemony, tangy, floral. A nice bitterness, light spice, sharp carbonation and just a hint of crackers round out the flavor profile. Crisp, clean, (no caffeine), could easily drink this all day, maybe 12 pounds!

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