Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hop Bet Red IPA

Today I'm checking out Hop Bet Red IPA brewed by Pair O' Dice in Clearwater, Florida. I did try a sample back in February during #EpicTampaBreweryTour but since this beer is now distributed to Miami, I grabbed a can.

The label explains that a Hop Bet is a wager in the game of craps made based on intuition. The brewery's intuition creating and perfecting this beer promises impressive returns for the drinker. OK. I'm sold! 6.5% alcohol. #GETAPAIR

Sweet caramel and citrus aroma. Loads of caramel flavor to start, very smooth. As that sweetness fades, you are immediately greeted with a big bitter citrus hit. Sharp grapefruit, quite zesty, a little minty, even sinus cleansing!

Flowers, herbal tea and a touch of pine are nuances you may also find. Definitely interesting, though I'm more of a Clearwater Honey Cream kind of guy!

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