Monday, November 7, 2016

Verde and J. Wakefield Brewing Fall Beer Dinner

Last Thursday evening, my wife and I attended a beer dinner at Verde at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. Verde's Chef Kaytlin Dangaran prepared a meal featuring the beers of Wynwood's J. Wakefield Brewing. The restaurant is open during museum hours, which includes Thursday evenings when they try to do some special events like this dinner.

A reception featuring passed canapes took place in the spacious outdoor area adjacent the restaurant with spectacular views of Biscayne Bay and the city. We were handed glasses of Campos de Freses, a dangerously delicious 9.5% alcohol strawberry flavored beer. The grilled oysters with cranberry mignonette and brown butter were so awesome. I had a lot! And the calabaza arrancini with kale pesto was great too.

After chatting over another beer with some of the other guests, we were invited inside the restaurant for the 3 course meal. Chef Kaytlin and Dave from J. Wakefield led us through the pairings and answered a lot of questions from the attendees.

The first course of Roasted heirloom beets with Gorgonzola yogurt, watercress, and spiced pistachios was paired with J. Wakefield's Just Beet It, a variation on their Stush Berliner Weiss brewed with beets! Yeah, I know, crazy! If you've ever had their Stush, it's quite tart, even puckering, but the sweetness from the beets added a really nice balance. AND COLOR! Low alcohol refreshment!

Next up... Porchetta! God I love me so juicy pig with crispy skin. And the roasted potatoes were the perfect match. We drank 24th Street Brown Ale as a match. 

Finally, dessert! Chocolate and graham cracker tart with burnt marshmallow fluff. Wakefield pulled out their Stay Puft Smoked Marshmallow Porter for the occasion, brewed only once before. Decadent food paired with decadent beer!

I posted the full menu below. Nice people and ambiance and of course, the food and beers were terrific! Check out Verde when visiting the museum (or whenever, you don't need a ticket to dine there), and for sure stop by J. Wakefield Brewery to see what they have on tap!

Passed Canapes

Grilled oyster with cranberry mignonette
Chicken liver mousse and seared foie gras crostini with pickled fennel and mustard seeds
Calabaza arrancini with kale pesto

*Beer Pairing: Campos de Fresas - 9.5% abv

First Course

Roasted heirloom beets with Gorgonzola yogurt, watercress, and spiced pistachios 

*Beer Pairing: Just Beet It - 3.5% abv

Second Course

Porchetta with rosemary chimichurri, roasted marble potatoes and mustard greens

*Beer Pairing: 24th Street Brown - 6.8% abv


Chocolate and graham cracker tart with burnt marshmallow fluff

*Beer Pairing: Stay Puft Smoked Marshmallow Porter - 7% abv

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