Friday, December 2, 2016

Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad

Quad Day 2016 is upon us! Yep, December 2nd marks the 5th Annual #QuadDay (and 45th Annual celebration of me!) You haven't heard of Quad Day? Yeah, that's because these days dedicated to beer styles are usually designed to catch the attention of big corporate monsters rather than actually promote craft beer. So fuck it! I don't really care if you pay attention to this "beer day," though I'm pretty sure you'll want to check out this beer! If you do drink a Quad, let me know in the comments or on Twitter. I'm happy to repost any pictures you take of your beer as well!

This year I chose Boulevard's Bourbon Barrel Quad. I think the brewery sells this in wine bottles too, though I just grabbed a single 12 ouncer as I am again drinking alone. Simple, handsome, classy label. 11.8% alcohol. 26 IBU. Best By 09SEP2018

Rich dark fruity aroma, full of figs. There is also a pretty nice cherry nuance lifted by some sweet spirits. Mmmm. Tasty! Figs and raisins, rich and bold. Caramel and brown sugar come next, all enhanced by a sweet spirits enhancement. 

Nuances of cherries, wood and vanilla make for an excellent and complex beer. Sweet yet not overly so. Super creamy. An alcohol kick is there but not hot and not obnoxious. Also, except for the sweetness and because of the nuanced use, not obviously bourbon barrels. Loved it!

See you next #QuadDay December 2, 2017.

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