Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Extrovert IPA

Left Hand's Extrovert IPA appeared recently at my semi-local liquor store. Their website shows the bottled version though my beer came in a green can with lots of abstract nods to hops. 7.1% alcohol. 75 IBU. Best By 02/21/2017 which I have no clue when that means it was brewed (drank on 12/11/2016 if you figure it out.)

Tropical fruity and pine aroma. Resinous pine and big bitterness first sip. Spicy too, a little sharp with nips at the palate. I did notice that rye is a listed ingredient so that is probably where a lot of that character comes from.

Hints of fruity sweetness are there and add just a touch of balance; however, the citrus and orange are hoppy and full of rind zest. Super dry at the finish with plenty of lingering bitterness and rye spiciness. Not bad, though I prefer a little more sweetness, not so much dryness and not such a roughness on the palate.

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