Saturday, December 17, 2016

Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Stout

Goodwood Brewing Company out of Louisville recently sent me a few bottles of their Bourbon Barrel Stout. The beer is barrel aged after being brewed with limestone water, the same water used in making bourbon according to the notes I was sent. Bottled October, 2016. "touched by wood. brewed with limestone water." 8% alcohol.

Choco, cocoa aroma with some sweet bourbon underneath--had to work for it! OMG, sweet, thin and alcy are my first impressions. Also chalky, so I already dislike that they brewed this with limestone water.

Muted chocolate is attacked by sweet, alcohol-drenched cherries. A touch of oak and roast follows before more of that unpleasant chalk lingers into the finish. Kind of flat and a shiver even at only 8% alcohol.

Sorry, this beer has zero redeeming qualities, and I needed a shot of Bourbon to kill the memory of this. I hated it!

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