Saturday, December 24, 2016

House Beer

Today I checked out House Beer brewed by House Brewing Co. in Denver, Colorado. Their website says Santa Monica, so I guess this is contract brewed. These guys only brew one beer, House Beer, a 4.8% craft lager. They recently sent a 12-pack in the mail, and according to the agency that set that up, "they will never make a seasonal brew."

House Brewing also gives 1% of sales to environmental causes each year. Hipster retro can style. The story on the back lets you know this is brewed with noble hops and crystal malts. "Always in Good Taste."

So I put away half of that 12-pack last night. I would have had them all except I wanted to take a few pictures and write a review. So here we are...

Sweet grain and honey aroma. Similar flavors with a nice hoppy bitter balance following. Crackers, lightly grassy, a hint of spiciness. Simple pleasant flavors last long after each sip. Definitely a tasty beer.

Honestly, I would never go to any bar or brewery if this was the only beer there. Yeah, I could easily take a 12-pack and put it away on a December beach day (Miami). Highly drinkable with nice flavors.

So I really don't understand why a successful brewery would stop with one beer. And if I know brewers, doing one beer over and over is a way to lose a brewer. Maybe unless they are partners. Hmmm. My guess is that this brewery changes its mind and does do other beers. Write that down.

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