Friday, December 9, 2016

Pale Joe

Founders Brewing released a new beer into distribution earlier this year. Pale Joe is an ArtPrize beer, celebrating and supporting a local Grand Rapids art competition. Founders' Cellar Operator Aaron Rossell won the right to have his art featured on the label this year.

Label Pale Joe isn't so pale--he's got a weather-beaten and dirty face covered with a full beard. But he is awesome, sipping his coffee! Beer Pale Joe, well this beer looks like a typical beautiful pale ale. But as the story on the label describes, one whiff or one sip will tell you something different!

Pale Joe is a pale ale brewed with Ethiopian coffee roasted locally by Ferris Coffee & Nut. 5.4% alcohol. 15 IBU. Bottled 8/10/16 which is 4 months ago and just hit the shelves?

So looks like a pale ale, smells like an awesome coffee porter with lots of citrus orange and grapefruit in the background. Flavors are similar. You will definitely notice the coffee flavors first, yet while omnipresent and full of deliciousness, they are still subtle. Just a light roast goes with that.

But this beer is definitely a pale ale at heart. Nice fruity orange flavors, pleasant sweetness and bitter citrus hoppy all come through. Two intriguing spectrums are both standing out. I'm not positive they go together perfectly, but they are definitely not arch enemies. Interesting is an understatement!

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