Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pennsylvania Tuxedo

Dogfish Head recently sent their Pennsylvania Tuxedo Pale Ale to my local Miami liquor store, though I'm pretty sure I didn't get to try it last year. This is a "collaboration" beer with the outdoor clothing retailer Woolrich. I'm from PA so I've heard of them and worn some of their clothes.

However, I've never heard the term "Pennsylvania Tuxedo" before which apparently refers to head-to-toe flannel. 8.5% alcohol. Bottled 10/21/16.

Citrus, fresh Christmas tree aroma, grassy, spicy, BIG. Juicy flavors, spruce. Orange meets bold evergreen. Super fresh, lots of citrus, cleansing, a hint of alcohol. Light doughiness and sourness.

Interesting beer: fresh juicy hoppy bitter resinous and a hella tree component!

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