Friday, December 16, 2016

Squeeze Box

Grabbed a bottle of SweetWater's Seasonal, Squeeze Box IPA a few days ago. The story on the label asks you to "Slice open citrus Heaven," referring to the five hop additions and brewing this beer with grapefruit, so my expectations are high. 6.1% alcohol.

Big citrus and juicy but no grapefruit. Lots of citrus fruity flavor to start as well, both sweet and bitter, nicely juicy. I drank half the bottle and was asking myself where the grapefruit was. I suppose it's imaginable but hardly a "squeeze box."

No stand out flavors. Kind of muddled fruitiness with a super generic bitter streak. I wanted a crisp, bright, hoppy-ass-motherfucking-grapefruit-bitter beer. I was disappointed by this OK beer.

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