Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tinsel Holiday Spiced Ale

Largo's Barley Mow Brewing recently sent their Tinsel Holiday Spiced Ale to my Miami market. Excellent label presentation on this can, super festive, nice little thumbnail pieces make a great presentation.

A story on the back side lets you know what to expect of this beer, "Classic like a Dickens novel!" According to the brewery, this beer pairs with London Broil, Roasted Chestnuts and Giving! 7.3% alcohol. 47 IBU. "Good Tidings to You!"

Nice caramel aroma, a little spicy. Rich caramel flavors come first along with a little toffee. Some spiciness comes next, maybe some cinnamon but mostly super generic, and I didn't love that.

A little metallic into the finish with a hint of alcohol, also unpleasant. That alcy flavor fades with some warmth, however, I'd pass on this one for half a dozen other beers in this brewery's roster! I hate tree Tinsel anyway, so I guess I'm part of the "Scroogiest of Souls" club!

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