Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Total Wake Up Call Coffee Stout

Today I'm enjoying Barley Mow Brewing's Total Wake Up Call Coffee Stout. This beer was brewed in honor of the "early risers and go getters" from Total Wine! I happened to pick this beer up at my "local" Total Wine, so this is definitely appropriate, as an adult!

The can includes a little story that sets your expectations as well. And the art work includes an abstract old-school alarm clock (and it's like 3:15 am). Pair with "Espresso-rubbed steak, peanut butter and chocolate pie and all-nighters." LOL! 6.2% alcohol. 26 IBU.

Aroma full of cocoa powder and yummy coffee, very pleasant. Sweet chocolate to start with an excellent creamy texture. Terrific coffee flavors add perfect bitterness and balance. Faint roast, a hint of char and just a touch of smoke. I want to say "leather" as well.

By the finish, the beer leans more bitter. Very nice. SOLID!

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