Monday, January 9, 2017

Haleakala Sunryes IPA

Let's make a beer no one can pronounce! Unless from Hawaii, Maui Brewing did just that with their Haleakala Sunryes IPA. And I didn't even put the accents!

My can says "Limited Release" though how limited could it be for me to buy in my Miami liquor store? Interesting Hawaiian art on the can as well. 5.7% alcohol. 78 IBU. Canned On 092716.

Aroma full of caramel with some citrus and a little spiciness. Sweet caramel flavors also dominate from the first sip though a big dose of spicy rye isn't far behind. Citrus, lightly fruity and juicy though that shows more with some warmth. Just a touch of pine.

Good body. Lingering spiciness. Not bad.

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