Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tropical Torpedo Tropical IPA

Sierra Nevada has a new year round beer: Tropical Torpedo Tropical IPA. I thought by the name, it was going to be a variation of their Torpedo IPA, but I think instead it's just a new IPA created using their Hop Torpedo tool. "Inspired by the island life." Hmmm. Pink and baby blue label colors try to suggest that as well. PKGD 12/12/16. 6.7% alcohol.

Love the aroma, full of mangoes and pineapples and pine. Ditto with the flavors, very fruity and tropical to start with plenty of pineapple and mango. But there is also a dynamic bitter answer. Intense resinous, dank, citrus rind, spicy. Killer sweet fruity start then bitter complement. Terrific beer!

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