Monday, February 6, 2017


I recently grabbed a bottle of Founders' Frootwood, a cherry ale aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels, from their Barrel Aged Series. This is a new series for the brewery and its first release overall and in 2017.

The artwork on the label is nice, with a cherry tree reaching deep into the dirt, roots penetrating a buried bourbon barrel. Now, I know I'm a critic of bourbon barrel aging of beers; however, this is 1. a barrel that also housed maple syrup and 2. is brewed by Founders! Enough said.

Bottled on 12/20/16. 8.0% alcohol. Was definitely not a cheap 12 ounce bottle, and with the price I paid I'd have expected the labels to be glued WAY better, with back and front both half off one month after bottling. The story on the back label sets your expectations--let me take that further...

Tart cherry and sweet maple aroma. Yum flavors! Lots of cherry to start, just a touch tart. Then some excellent sweetness completely coats the palate.

Vanilla noticeable, maple syrup also contributes, bourbon in the background. Awesomely smooth with some great texture. Dry finish with a little more tart cherry lingering.

Super unique, nice beer. Bourbon, tartness, cherry go nicely together. Check it out!

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