Monday, February 27, 2017

Hop Knot IPA

I had the chance to check out a bottle of Four Peaks Brewing's Hop Knot IPA this afternoon. This is a beer brewed in Tempe, AZ and not currently distributed here in Miami. The label shows a knot created by tying hops together. The story on the back lets you know that art and the beer's name come from the way they weave 5 hop varieties into the beer at 7 different intervals. 6.7% alcohol. Bottled on: 12/20/16.

Smells nice--juicy, fruity orange citrus with some pine. Juicy and fruity flavors as well, lightly sweet at the stat. Citrus, pine, a little spicy.

There is some back-end bitterness but it's more of a balance to the initial sweetness and not very dominant. And I'm pretty sure that's why my wife said, "I really liked this despite being an IPA." I liked it as well, but definitely wanted a little more bitterness, especially considering the label's build up of expectations. Check it out!

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