Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hopslam Ale 2017

OMG, Hopslam on the shelves! Let's all go crazy! That's actually the way things went down here in Miami around 5 years ago.

I didn't even bother buying any last year, despite always having a great affection for this beer. This year, I grabbed a single can--hey the $4 purchase was the right move considering almost zero mark-up from the $23 sixer price. Also, if you buy bombers, stop bitching about the price. The equivalent of a $7 - $8 bomber of a great beer? You people...

The canned on date is cut off, but I think this one was 1/18/17. Double India Pale Ale brewed with Honey. 10.0% alcohol.

Bursting citrus aroma with a little tropical fruitiness in the background. Citrus and pine bitterness come first, but a very nice touch of honey and tropical fruity sweetness add immediate balance.

Chewy full body. Smooth. Alcohol noticeable at the finish. Lingering bitterness. Overall on the sweet side. Based on my past experiences drinking this beer, I was a little disappointed. Yes it was very good. But I remembered WOWW!!! with two W's and three !!! at the end! A little sweet, wanted more tropical fruit flavors but also more balance, crispness, refreshment. Check it out.

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