Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ripper San Diego Pale Ale

Stone recently started sending cans of its Ripper San Diego Pale Ale to South Florida. Every time I look at the can, for me, it's impossible not to read STRIPPER, just the way the letters are perfectly arranged and the color change. But I digress...

The can does sport a gargoyle but no gargoyle insult story. Instead, Stone tells about "A Rippin' Swell of Juicy Hops," inspired by the surfing culture in SoCal and Australia. So they created a "West Coast Pale with an Aussie Accent," using Cascade and Australian Galaxy Hops. 5.7% alcohol. 40 IBU. Enjoy By 03/15/17. Canned 12/15/16.

Citrus and fruity aroma, with orange, mango and tropical jumping out of the glass. Terrific! Nice tropical fruity sweet flavors to start as well. Juicy tangerines, great tanginess. Some bitterness follows, floral, citrus, lightly spicy. Balanced but leans just bitter.

Full of flavors that linger long after each sip. Definite winner!

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