Thursday, February 9, 2017

Victory 21st Birthday IPA

Victory Brewing is celebrating! Just old enough to drink its own beer! Victory's 21st Birthday IPA was recently released, and their website says the Yakima harvest was so impressive this year, they decided to use their favorite hops from the trip to brew this beer. 6.1% alcohol. Enjoy By 12 Jun 2017

Lemony, citrus aroma, bright, floral. Tangy flavors in the beginning full of lemon and candied citrus, very appealing. Bright, fresh, big zesty zing!

There is an excellent bitterness full of resinous pine, yet there is still a balance of malty sweetness in the background. A little nippy at the palate. Refreshing and very nice.

My wife stole the glass from me about a third through and finished it. She brought the empty glass to the kitchen, stating "we went there (Victory Brewing)," to which I said "duh" to show my displeasure in her finishing my beer. Check it out and Happy Anniversary, Victory Brewing!

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