Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ananda India Pale Ale

Memphis' Wiseacre Brewing recently sent Florida some beers as part of Total Wine's Brewery Direct program. I decided to start with their Ananda India Pale Ale. Ananda is apparently the ancient Sanskrit (their website says Sankrit, but whatever) word for "bliss." The can has an interesting hops/orange grove pattern. 6.2% alcohol (web says 6.1% but I assure you if you zoom that pic you will see). 75 IBU. 0117 stamped on the bottom of the can, I guess the canning date. A bunch of details need cleaning up.

Fruity orange citrus aroma, nice but certainly not pronounced. Juicy citrus flavors to start, lightly tropical with some pineapple. Nice bitterness follows, citrus and a little grapefruit. Quite dry at the finish and the alcohol also shows then. Didn't love that part of this one. Too many other awesome IPAs to go looking for this one again! #NoBliss

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