Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Beer Geek Breakfast

Beer Geek Breakfast, huh? This is a Stout brewed with coffee by Mikkeller in San Diego, California. I suppose it got its name because of the coffee and brown sugar it was brewed with. I was a little surprised that my liquor store cashier told me the single can was $6. But since I had a $5 coupon, I went for it anyway.

The can depicts both a wild tiger scratching the can and the weird Mikkeller character petting another tiger. 7.5% alcohol. Canned on 11/18/16.

Big coffee aroma, rich and nice. Super creamy and smooth texture with a nice cocoa sweetness in the beginning. A huge dose of strong and delicious coffee follows, adding plenty of bitterness and a big roasty flavor that extends all the way into the finish.

There are hints of vanilla, but the coffee and roasty flavors dominate--big and rich flavors that work well together. Ends on a bitter note.I liked it, except for the price point.

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