Friday, March 10, 2017

Nitro Red Velvet

Three skeletons sit down to a feast. What beer are they drinking? Ballast Point Nitro Red Velvet of course! Lobster, ham, pineapple, pie, and of course Red Velvet Cake, the inspiration for this beer. This is a Golden Oatmeal Stout brewed with beets and chocolate! Pour With Purpose! tells you to turn the bottle upside down. That did create a nice cascading effect. 5.5% alcohol. 35 IBU.

Crimson red. Nice cascade from the pour. I guess the foam left behind is the icing? The aroma is full of chocolate and sweet beets. Cocoa flavors come first. Super creamy though on the thin AND flat side. The beets add an interesting sweetness that lingers long into the finish. Definitely a red velvet cake type flavor. I'd say this is a fun though novelty beer, worthy of checking out!

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