Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Knee Deep Brewing's Stoutella!?! What is that green monster guy and is this a gimmick beer? Not sure yet. There are at least two green monsters patrolling the brewery and not doing a very good job keeping cleanliness standards.

I'm pretty sure Stoutella is supposed to be a link to Nutella, and the label does call this a Chocolate Hazelnut Stout. 16 oz pounder can. 6% alcohol. 40 IBU. Canned 01/04/17

Yup, smells like Nutella. Roasty, wafers, nutty, sweet, very nice. Yup, tastes like Nutella too! Sweet but not overly so with a nice roast balance.

Hazelnuts are pronounced with some bittersweet chocolate underneath. Lightly spicy with coffee and vanilla nuances. Art is odd but I'd not call this a gimmick based on flavor promises delivered. Check it out!

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