Friday, March 17, 2017

Tart Mango Cart

Golden Road Brewing recently sent me their Tart Mango Cart, a mango wheat ale. This is the first in a series inspired by the fruit cart vendors that work the streets of LA. The can art if very nice, showcasing the fruit vendors along with surfers and skateboarders with a beach scene in the background.3.2% alcohol.

Pretty bland aroma, tough to find much. Mango sweet flavors come first followed by a VERY light tart answer. Lightly spicy, fruity. This beer is super simple but not bad with good fruity flavors. I definitely wanted and expected more TARTness based on the promise of the beer's name, though. This is hardly tart, barely past a whisper. Good flavors, (NOT) Tart Mango Cart!

This GIF came from the brewery!


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waawaawaawaa said...

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