Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Blackberry Daze IPA

I recently noticed that Anchor Brewing put Blackberry Daze IPA on the shelves of my local haunt. Same stubby bottle you might be used to, but the label design is pretty nice. An anchor is being used to grow both blackberries and hops, I guess setting the stage for the beer. 6.5% alcohol.

Nice reddish-purple tint, you know there's some blackberries in this one! And you can really smell the blackberries alongside some citrus and a little sweetness.

Nicely tart and fruity to start, obvious blackberries yet not in your face. Hoppy, nicely bitter with citrus and herbal flavors coming through. Creamy texture. More tartness with a fruity finish and lingering bitterness. The hops and blackberries do play nicely together. I liked it!

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