Monday, April 17, 2017


Last summer, my wife and I visited Pompano Beach's 26° Brewing. One of my favorite beers that day was their IPA1A, and though I've had it at a few beer festivals since then, today I was happy to see it canned and in local distribution!

The story lets you know this was inspired by the A1A Highway and sets your expectations for the beer. SCENIC RIDE. HOPS IN MIND. Nice can artwork too, including a pelican with SLOAN tattooed on its wing. 6.4% Alcohol

Nicely fruity aroma with some spiciness as well. Fruity flavors to start, citrus with tropical hints. Excellent bitterness from the very beginning as well, but you will not miss the sweet caramel backbone underneath. Spicy, bitter, fruity balance, good body. Very nice beer!

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