Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wolf Among Weeds IPA

I can't remember who recommended this beer, but I was told to check out Golden Road's Wolf Among Weeds IPA not too long ago. Guess I should have paid attention to the PKGD 12.06.2016 date when I grabbed a can and looked for something fresher. Pounder can. 8.0% alcohol. 80 IBU.

Sweet, fruity pineapple and tropical aroma with some pine. Similar flavors, lightly sweet with tropical peaches and pineapples. Those flavors and sweetness were mostly fleeting, however.

A big crush of pine and resin and citrus zest change the game. Spicy bitterness takes over, though you do never lose the underlying pineapple flavor. Tangy, interesting. BOLD! A bit astringent at the finish with some noticeable alcohol, which I didn't love. Flavorful, but beer was only OK as that finish was a turn off.

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