Sunday, June 18, 2017


Happy Father's Day! You're probably eating bacon and eggs in bed right now! Remember back in the 90's when you weren't a father? Was so awesome, right?!?! My roommates and I (and even my wife before we skipped birth control) used to regularly go bowling. Some of those bowling Friday and Saturday nights included Disco and Strobe lights, weird competitions and ZIMA! Don't act like you weren't there!

So ZIMA Beverages is giving ZIMA another go in the market. I have zero clue if this is the same company that put this malt beverage out in the first place. They are calling this a "Refreshing Citrus Beverage" with "Limited Release," the latter probably to see if this shit will catch on again.

My local Total Wine pal said he wasn't touching this stuff, but I decided nostalgia forced me to grab a bottle to see what's up 25 years later. 5.0% alcohol; 181 calories (per 12 oz) (Yeah, WTF, I'd rather eat a steak); 21.1g Carbs; Fat 0g; Protein <1g.

Sweet, malty aroma with a hint of lemon. OMFG, so sugary sweet to start, this grabbed the sides of my neck hard! Ridiculous!

A citrus streak does run through very hard though. Lemon and lime last a long time, linger, it's clearly the story they want to tell.

Tangy, biting carbonation (not a bad thing). NOT Refreshing. Super Obnoxiously Sweet! Ask me for a good beer recommendation instead. This mess doesn't even cater to the alcoholic bullshit which is Budweiser's Wild Blue. ZIMA should go back to the graveyard!

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Anonymous said...

I was not a fan of this in fact, I wouldn't even consider it to be a beer.
I always wanted to try it, but I was under age at the time.